Living Single at 24

Who says that you can't be happy and single? Is it the hundreds of memes that display singleness as this lonely "sunken place"  of emotion? Or is it the groups of friends that we all have who are now moving on and getting married to their high school/college sweethearts? For some strange reason, the stigma of being... Continue Reading →

7 Simple Ways to Slim-Down Without Hitting the Gym

Summer is well underway and contrary to popular belief and Instagram models, many of us have yet to reach our "summer time fine" body goals. With many products on the market that promise quick results in a matter of days with little to no effort, we continue to buy into the idea that less is more even when our health is on the line.

Black Girls…

Always remember; it is so easy, and it takes very little effort, to be like the next person. Don't insult yourself like that. Be yourself! Walk YOUR walk. Talk YOUR talk. Be uniquely YOU in everything that you do. A confident woman who has a strong sense of self is quite beautiful. Allow your light to... Continue Reading →

Dear Past Me

Dear Past Me, I'm sorry for all the bull sh*t I put you through... All the worrying about things that were out of your control, the self-doubt and uncertainty, You weren't strong back then. You didn't know all of the things you know now. See sometimes you do this thing where you tend to overthink... Continue Reading →

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Sex And Psychology

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Sex Love and Washing Clothes

Sex Love and Washing Clothes save you relationship with these three things